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Congregational Governance at UPUMC is practiced through the “One Board” model. Primarily known as the Church Council, our leadership consists of 17 lay members who serve three-year staggered terms on a track system. These leaders fulfill the roles of the Finance Committee, Pastor-Parish Relations Committee, Trustees Committee, Lay Leaders, and Youth Representatives; all led in meetings organized by the Church Council Chair track. Additional members of the Church Council include all appointed clergy. Church Council meetings are open to all who would wish to attend.

Next Meeting: August 28, 2023, at 6:00pm in the Gathering Area.

Church Council Chair Track:
Dave Tabor (Chair)
Dawn Moore (Chair-Elect)
Brooke Messer (Chair-Emeritus)

Lay Leader Track:
Jillian Bunn (Chair)
Lauri Hainsfurther (Chair-Elect)
Diane Brooks (Chair-Emeritus)

PPRC Track:
Ann Parker (Chair)
Early Denison (Chair-Elect)
Lary Hooten (Chair-Emeritus)

Trustees Track:
Dub Newman (Chair)
Mike Bennett (Chair-Elect)
Thomas Wainscott (Chair-Emeritus)

Finance Track:
Joe Brannon (Chair/Emeritus)
Scott Gregory (Chair-Elect)

Youth Representatives:
Knox Hickey (HS)
Noah Stinchcomb (MS)

Appointed Clergy:
Rev. Joe Stobaugh, Senior Pastor
Rev. Emma Williams, Executive Pastor

Constance Harp, Director of Finance

Click here for a printable version of the 2024 Church Council roster.


Church Council Meeting Minutes

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