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Welcome to Children's & Family Ministry

UPUMC Children's ministry strives to teach each child that Jesus is with them at all times and that they are always loved by God. 


We utilize 5 keystones to focus our Children’s ministry in such a way to foster their view of themselves and others as Children of God:  scripture, community, prayer, worship and service.

Through our teaching we hope that each child would:

  • know themselves and know others as a lavishly loved part of God’s family 
  • know that they are loved for the uniquely and wonderfully made people that they are
  • have a foundational understanding of what it means to be a part of the community of God’s family

Stay Connected

We try to involve parents as much as possible in the spiritual growth of their child. We offer a monthly E-Newsletter to inform parents of upcoming lessons and to help guide them in discussions. If you are interested in receiving our E-Newsletter, please use the links below.


For more information about UPUMC Kids, please contact: 

Jennifer Scott | Minister of Children and Families and | 214-368-1435 ext 205 |   

Ezri Gomez | Family Ministries Assistant | 214-368-1435 ext. 115 |

Our Mission Partners