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Local Mission Partners


At UPUMC we believe in making our community a better place by supporting those who need us most. Whether we’re collecting food donations, supplying school uniforms, cleaning up after a neighborhood disaster or making blankets for the homeless, we are a church that loves to serve. We have opportunities year round to get involved as a family or individual. 

If you would like to get involved and help one of our mission partners, please contact Rev. Joe Stobaugh, Senior Pastor,, or fill out a serving form here and we will contact you. 


  • Austin Street Center (ASC) provides safe shelter and meets the basic needs of the most vulnerable homeless. It has become nationally recognized for its unique therapeutic program for the homeless. Not only does the Center offer safe, clean shelter and an evening meal for over 300 men and women each night, but it provides substance abuse treatment, medical and psychiatric care, adult rehabilitation, a transitional living facility for clients who qualify, and a beautiful interdenominational Chapel. If you would like to volunteer with the UPUMC ministry team that supports Austin Street Center please email Matt Hopkins at

  • Christ's Foundry, formerly known as the Bachman Foundry, is a mission United Methodist Church. In 2001 the North Texas Conference decided to plant a new church in a Hispanic neighborhood in Dallas, Texas. Christ's Foundry continues to grow and in 2007 began a capital campaign with the goal to build a new building to house Christ's Foundry. The future site of Christ's Foundry is located at the intersection of Webb Chapel Road and Park Lane.

  • Dallas Bethlehem Center is dedicated to being the success readiness center for school and life in its South Dallas service area through faith-based programs built on parent and community partnerships. As a faith-based mission of the United Methodist Church North Texas Conference, Dallas Bethlehem Center believes Acts 1:4-8 to be a just image and model for how God seeks to empower people to be their own source for solutions. True acts of transformation and change are enacted when all people within a community are seeking to be a spiritually transforming act of renewal for themselves and the neighborhood around them. Living out the scriptures today, DBC seeks to be a conduit for community solution minded people to connect, support, encourage and follow potential leaders living in DBC’s service area to be the transformational act of renewal we need.

  • North Dallas Shared Ministries (NDSM) is a cooperative effort of 52 congregations that combine resources to efficiently deliver effective and appropriate assistance to Dallas’ poorest individuals and families. Since their founding, they have overwhelmingly relied on volunteers – over 500 at present – to fulfill their mission. These charitable efforts are supported by four main services to help low-income people assume as much responsibility for their lives as they are able: to provide appropriate emergency assistance, to help them access entitlement, to help them achieve long-term stability, promote their wellness and financial independence through community programs, and develop resource materials that can lead them to additional services and support.

  • Open Door Preschool was created in the 1960s at Grace United Methodist Church to allow immigrant children to begin school with the language skills they need to succeed. Open Door fills two large classrooms and two offices in the church basement and enrolls up to 36 children aged three to five each school year. Although most Open Door students are Hispanic, the preschool also receives immigrant children from Refugee Services of Texas and other referral sources, resulting in a variety of native languages represented among the students, including Chinese, Korean, Kirundi, and Spanish.

  • The mission of Project Transformation (PT) is to engage young adults in purposeful leadership and ministry, to support underserved children and families, and to connect churches to communities in need. Project Transformation provides two primary services: (1) Socially conscious leadership training and ministry exploration for college-aged interns; and (2) Academic, health, spiritual, and recreational programming for children and youth in the North Texas area.

  • Union is changing the typical coffee shop model into a hub of generosity in the city of Dallas. Over time, they have attracted a large customer base of people who want to do good things in Dallas. Union experiments with three key things: generationally-specific ministry, alternative means of sustainability, and innovative forms of community engagement. On all fronts, Union is quickly becoming a leader in the United Methodist Church and beyond. General Agencies, church planters and candidates for ministry frequently seek the results of Union’s work for the good of the church.

  • Wesley-Rankin Community Center (WR) is a United Methodist mission serving Dallas for more than 112 years; specifically in West Dallas for 78 of those years. First as a settlement house in downtown, then joining forces with Hattie Rankin to bring a mission of hope and compassion through education, Wesley-Rankin has a long history of transformation through education and caring relationships. Today, dedicated staff and volunteers continue this legacy. WRCC operates seven core programs to address multigenerational needs and provide a “whole-family” approach to community restoration and transformation.

Our Mission Partners