United Methodists are very intentionally connectional people. We want to help connect people’s passions with the needs of others. At University Park UMC, we are committed to this, whether it’s connecting people with needs in the neighborhood, or places around the world. We stand by to help you get better acquainted, acclimated - connected - to the calling God has within your life. Your presence is a gift to our church family. My prayer is that our church family will be a gift to you. 


Peace and Blessings,
Dr. Keith Boone
Senior Pastor 



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University Park United Methodist Church is located on the corner of Caruth and Preston just south of Northwest Highway. 4024 Caruth Blvd, Dallas, TX 75225




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Sundays at a Glance:

8:45 a.m.  Traditional worship service in the sanctuary
9:45 a.m.  Sunday school for adults, youth and children
11 a.m.     Traditional worship service in the sanctuary

About Worship:

University Park United Methodist Church offers a traditional service where you'll experience Bible-centered worship that both challenges and inspires through scripture, sermon and music. 

About Sunday School:

University Park United Methodist Church offers a variety of Sunday school classes for people of all ages. From birth through adulthood, our Sunday school classes seek to bring faith to life through Biblical study, fellowship, service to others, and care and support for each other. Whether a child or student, married or single, with or without children at home, church member or guest, we provide support and a firm foundation for a Christian lifestyle.

All Sunday School classes meet  from 9:45-10:45 a.m., between our two worship services. Most children's classes meet on the first floor, and most adult classes are on the second floor. Guests are always welcome. If you'd like to speak with someone about visiting a class or would like a member to host you, please call us at 214-368-1435.


worship schedule

  • 8:45 a.m. Traditional Worship
  • 9:45 a.m. Sunday School
  • 11 a.m. Traditional Worship


4024 Caruth Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75225

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the history of the Foundation?

The UPUMC Foundation was founded on October 14, 1983 as a Texas nonprofit corporation. The Foundation was founded to amass a corpus of assets which would be invested to generate income for the benefit of the church.  In addition to an initial gift of $25,000 from Freeman Ragan, there have been testamentary gifts from members who have died.  Some of these gifts have created special purpose funds and are governed by the specific language of the decedents will.  There are other special purpose funds that have been established by Letters of Understanding between the Donors and the Foundation trustees. There are presently 19 Funds valued at over $2.1 million, and 3 Mineral Funds that comprise the total assets of the Foundation.

Q.  Can we use Foundation assets to retire our debt?

No. All Foundation assets are held in designated special purpose funds. Proceeds of these funds can only be used for the purpose originally established for each fund.

Q.  Is the Foundation income a line item in the church's operating budget?

Yes. The church forecasts anticipated gifts from the Foundation and includes that projection in its income estimate for the next operating budget year.

Q.  Who manages the Foundation's money, where is it invested and how much do we pay in fees? 

From its inception, all Foundation assets were invested in fixed rate bond funds at Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF). Over time, the investment return at TMF declined to less than one percent per year. In August 2013, Luther King Capital Management was selected by the trustees to manage Foundation investments. The following table provides a summary of investment management fees. To date, the Foundation has paid the Annual Minimum Fee of $15,000.

Investment Management Fee Schedule

Equities and Cash Equivalent

0.75% on the first $2,000,000

0.50% on the next $73,000,000

0.35% on the next $75,000,000

0.25% over $150,000,000


Fixed Income

0.50% on the first $2,000,000

0.35% on the next $3,000,000

0.25% over $5,000,000

Annual Minimum Fee: $15,000


Luther King utilizes Charles Schwab for all brokerage services and client transactions.  A $4.95 broker commission is charged by Charles Schwab for each transaction.


Q.  What is the Foundation's asset allocation target for investment of its funds?

To achieve its investment objective, the Foundation trustees divided Fund investments into two parts: a 70% equity allocation target and a 30% fixed income allocation target.


Q.  What is the Foundation's target return on investment? What is the actual performance for the last five years?

The Foundation currently has an 8% long term target for return on its investments. Following are actual annual performance results:   

Year Performance
2012     1.5% (TMF)
2013     0.7% (Jan-Aug - TMF)
2013     1.7% (Sept-Dec - LKCM)
2014     4.7% (LKCM)
2015     -0.7% (LKCM)
2016     8.1% (LKCM)

Q.  What has been the growth since the Foundation was started in 1983?

The Foundation was started in 1983 with a gift of $25,000. On August 16, 2013, $1,729,925 was transferred from TMF to the new Charles Schwab Account. Today, there is $2,139,868 in the account, an increase of $409,943 (+23.7%) from donations, growth and earnings.


Q.  How do you determine the trailing 3-year average for annual distributions?

The distribution policy is targeted at 4 to 5% of the trailing 3-year average value of the Fund as of December 31. This trailing 3-year average is determined by taking the sum of the previous three 12/31 Fund balances divided by 3.


Q.  Is an annual distribution made if the investments do not make enough money during the year?

The Foundation Trustees evaluate Fund performance at the end of each year to determine the amount that will be distributed. In addition to the 3-year trailing average, the Trustees evaluate current and forecasted market conditions. In the event that past market performance is below expectation and future market trends are negative, the Trustees may elect to decrease the amount of money being distributed, including the option of not making a distribution.


Q.  What were the Foundation's distributions in 2016?

UPUMC Operating Budget    $69,392
Mission Projects    $1,268
Scholarships    $2,500
Youth Ministry    $1,401
Waco Methodist Home    $6,741
CC Young    $5,341
TOTAL Distributions    $86,643


worship with us

Every Sunday | 8:45 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

Worship takes place in the Sanctuary or in the Activity Center for Special Event Sunday Services.

*Service times vary on Easter, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


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  • Church: 214-368-1435
  • Weekday School: 214-361-4626
  • 4024 Caruth Blvd., Dallas, TX 75225

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